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What makes Okendo great?


Average Order Value

Merchants using Okendo increase 

AOV by an average of 10%.




Conversion Rate

Shoppers interacting with Okendo

are 4-5x more likely to convert.

UGC Generation Velocity

Merchants using Okendo generate

an average of 32% more UGC.

Review Generation Velocity

Merchants using Okendo generate 

an average of 3.4x more reviews.

Features to Optimize Your Reviews

Collect reviews and UGC with automated review requests and industry-leading tools that maximize content generation.

Review Request Emails

Customer Photos/Videos

Automate post-purchase emails to increase the number of reviews, photos, and videos you receive.

Let customers visually showcase their experiences by adding photos and videos to their reviews.

Review Displays

Marketing Tools

Showcase user-generated content at strategic locations throughout the buyer's journey.

Push review content to Google and social media to drive qualified shopper traffic.

Third-Party Integrations

Analytics & Insights

Sync Okendo to your existing tech stack without missing a beat.

Gather email performance analytics, sentiment analysis, and review performance dashboards.

Trusted by 5,000+ of Shopify’s fastest growing brands


**Offer valid for Shopify merchants only, for one month of 

use free of charge across all plan levels.

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